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Switch grass is excellent for soil stabilization.

Switch grass is excellent for soil stabilization. Typical inventory plug USDA, NRCS. 2012. The PLANTS Database (, 9 October 2012). National Plant Data Team, Greensboro, NC 27401-4901 USA.

Panicum virgatum 'Rostrahlbusch'

Red switch grass

One of the older and one of the best red selections of Panicum, ‘Rotstrahlbusch’ is upright and holds its from. Typically, it reaches only three feet with a finer texture. Well suited to a smaller landscape and has a rich, fall color makes a perfect elegant accent. For a bolder statement, use en masse. 


3-4 Ft


2-3 Ft

USDA Hardiness Zone:


Bloom Color:

Green, Red

Panicum virgatum 'Rostrahlbusch' Characteristics


  • Full Sun

Soil Moisture Preference

  • Moist to Wet


  • Drought Tolerant
  • Dried Flower
  • Cut Flower

Flowering Months

  • September
  • August
  • July
  • October