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Compare our deep plug to the industry standard. The advantages are clear.

About New Moon Nursery - Wholesale Only

Wholesale to the Trade

We are Wholesale only.  If you would like to set up a New Moon Nursery Wholesale Account, click HERE and download the Open A New Moon Nursery Wholesale Account PDF and complete page 1 in entirety, and return. 

We grow in a 50-celled "Deep Plug" tray. The plug size is approximately 2 inches in diameter and 4.5 inches in depth, holding twice the soil volume and root mass of a standard 50-cell tray. The "Deep Plug" also incorporates the use of root channels to decrease root spiraling. In easy order multiples, our "Deep Plug" offers more roots for the money. More roots means quicker establishment when planted directly in the landscape with less post installation maintenance. The "Deep Plug" when potted into larger containers can improve "turn around" by as much as two weeks. When you compare our "Deep Plug" to the industry standard, we are sure you'll see the advantages.

Many items are often available in a "Deep Plug", DP72 liner. The 72-cell plug size is approximately 1.5 inches in diameter and 3 inches in depth, a more economical alternative to the 50-cell plug, while retaining a larger root system for the fastest results. If not listed, this size may be custom grown for your company with a starting minimum of 1000 plants.




Our standard size plug tray is a DP50, also called a deep-50 liner. Each cell is approximately 2” in diameter and a robust 4.5” deep. We also grow an increasing list of plants in a deep72 tray, slightly slimmer at 1.5” in diameter and 3” deep. A few plants on our list are only offered in a CP32 plug liner, each cell measuring 2.5” diameter and 3” deep.


Deep plug DP50 trays hold twice the soil and root mass of a standard cell tray. Root channels keep the roots from spiraling. These sturdy, straight, heftier roots translate to quicker establishment, brawnier top growth, and lesspost-planting maintenance.


Deep plugs can be ready for sales in as little as 4 weeks. We are expanding the list of plants offered in DP72’s, because they work better in a quart pot. You’ll notice those extra roots shorten the time it takes to fill any pot.


Deep plugs can be installed straight into the landscape – an incredibly economical way of completing large plantings. You’ll save money on the plants and the cost to ship them.

You’ll save time on the installation – carrying 100 plants at a time into the field, and digging smaller holes.


Need a plant not listed in our catalog, or an alternate size plug tray? Contact us to discuss your ideas. Non-refundable deposit and minimum quantities starting at 1000 plugs per species apply. New Moon will not produce individual containers. We leave this to the container growers.


New Moon Nursery is a wholesale nursery providing a wholesale product for the Horticulture, Ecological and Landscape trade. As our customer, please be prepared to provide verification of business registration.


An initial $250 dollar minimum order is required. Trays are of a single plant type; we do not offer mixed flats. Therefore, plants are available in quantities of 32, 50 or 72 per tray.


Your invoice will be emailed to you, and available to view and pay online. Please be sure to provide an accurate email contact to receive invoices. You may request to continue to have your invoice mailed via USPS, and are welcome to continue to pay via company check. Payments are due upon receipt of plant material. Credit accounts may be established with terms of 30 days by filling out a credit application with our office. Any credit account with a past due balance greater than 60 days automatically changes to COD and will be charged interest.


Plants will be healthy. All plants are guaranteed to be true to name and healthy upon receipt. Plants may or may not be cut back. Any claim must be made in writing (email is preferred) within 5 days of receipt of material, and include a photograph. No claims will be considered without notification of a problem within this 5 day window, including dormant plant material. Credit will not be given to plants that have been repotted.


Email is the best way to place your order. We do not have an ordering system through our website. Orders may also be faxed to 888-998-1952, and you may call our office at 888-998-1951. Please be sure to include the quantity of plants, requested ship dates and destination

address. You can expect a prompt response to confirm availability and set up the order for delivery. All orders will receive an acknowledgement via email, read this, and confirm all information to be correct. It is important you review all information, and contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. Orders that are rerouted or returned for incorrect shipping address will incur additional charges.

New Moon produces a wholesale product. Our inventory is routinely cut back in an effort to maintain plug material in large quantities. We will ship dormant plant material. It is your responsibility to know your plants, and consider whether you are prepared to handle dormant plants successfully. Each plug that we deliver is inspected before it leaves this nursery. Should you have questions about the plants you have received, please let us know within 5 days of delivery. If we do not hear from you, we will not be able to consider future credit or replacement. We ship to most states in the continental United States except AK, AZ, CA, CO, ID, MT, NV, NM, OR, TX, UT, WA, & WY.

All orders must be finalized by 11:00 am Friday prior to the ship week. Once the 11:00 hour passes, we cannot promise to accommodate changes to your order of any kind. Outside of the spring season we will do our very best to accommodate those last minute needs that are sure to arise, but again, we cannot always turn orders around at the last minute.


All cancellations must be received in writing, preferably through email by 11:00AM the Wednesday before your scheduled ship date. We will confirm receipt of your cancellation. If you do not receive confirmation, you cannot be sure your request was received. Orders cancelled or reduced after the cut-off will incur a 20% restocking fee and box fee for UPS shipments if already boxed.


All orders are subject to natural disasters, crop failures or conditions beyond New Moon Nursery’s control. We make every effort to inform you of any pending shortages, as soon as possible.


New Moon Nursery’s total liability is limited to replacement or credit of purchase price. Any disputed claims will be resolved in the jurisdiction of the state of New Jersey, in the county of Salem.


All orders held beyond 30 days of scheduled ship date will incur a 20% surcharge or risk of cancellation, unless prior arrangements have been made. This means, if you keep delaying your delivery week after week after week, inventory may be lost, penalties may be incurred. Orders scheduled for pick up will be held for only one week grace period, and then returned to inventory, and a 20 % restocking fee incurred.


Restocking fees apply to orders that are refused at delivery, cancelled after the Wednesday prior to your ship date, left waiting for pick up beyond scheduled pick up week, or returned for reasons other than damage or defect. Returned trays should be sent in original packaging, and promptly in order to maintain viability. Credit will not be issues for plant material that has been left to perish.


Prices are subject to change. We will honor all prices on acknowledged orders.

New Moon Nursery provides our wholesale customers...

Our focus on Eastern native plants allows us to dedicate time, energy, resources and knowledge to growing specific plant lines for our customers. New Moon Nursery is your primary provider of herbaceous perennials, grasses, and some woodies.

Over 25 years of experience translates into superior plants and better prepares us to respond to custom requests specific to your region and project requirements.

Our focus and knowledge allows us to increase our plant offerings. Enrich your world with more Eastern native species, for a wide range of site conditions and ecosystems.

...making New Moon Nursery one of the most qualified growers of superior plants on the East Coast.

  • Focus
  • Knowledge
  • Selection
  • Quality
  • Service

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